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LUXERAY is pronounced as "luks-rey". "Luxe" means luxury, while "Ray" is often associated with light. We wanted the brand to exemplify luxury, by making our photography services top-notch which focuses on the needs of our clients. LUXERAY is all about celebrating your life; capturing your stories; and allowing you to cherish and reminisce those moments in years and years to come.

Life is a beautiful invention. We live only once to experience the many wonders that life has to offer. Life truly becomes meaningful and worth living, when we get to share joy and laughter with our loved ones. That is why we want to Celebrate Your Life by helping you preserve your memories so that they can be reminisced and cherished for a lifetime.



Premium photography with the best value. We source for premium products, yet at the same time providing clients with the best value for money.



Vincent is the founder and principal photographer of Luxeray. Prior to that, he worked in the corporate, whereby he was posted to the Philippines to assist with the startup of a multinational company there.

Before the age of 21, he managed to gain a few awards including 4 Bronze Awards in the Portrait Open Category from Creative Asia Photography Awards, and 2nd Place in the Nescafe Kickstart Photojournalist Category.

Started as a freelance photographer while studying in the university, he was already 2nd shooting for professional photographers like Louis Pang. Aside from shooting client's family events like weddings and parties, he has also covered events with big names like US Grammy Award Winner Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Mizz Nina, Reza Salleh, Shawn Lee, 8TV’s Naqib and Megan, Alexis aka WanChean (颜莞倩), Ruffneckz, An Honest Mistake, Busco, Kyoto Protocol, One Buck Short, DJ Nicky C and Juztin Lan Kah Fai (刘界辉).

Photography assignments have brought him places including Hong Kong and Indonesia.