Luxeray Visual: Blog en-us (C) Luxeray Visual (Luxeray Visual) Sun, 08 Jan 2017 12:59:00 GMT Sun, 08 Jan 2017 12:59:00 GMT Luxeray Visual: Blog 80 120 Asher's 1st Birthday with 360 video Firstly, a blessed New Year to you and I hope that the first week of this year has been great to you!

We are glad that in 2016, through many events and photography assignments, we have helped many families and corporate companies preserve their memories and keeping them beautiful for future generations to come! This year, we hope that we will be doing that even more not just by providing great pictures to our clients, but also passing the more benefits and values to our clients. By that, we question ourselves how do we serve our clients beyond great pictures and also memories.

Speaking of that, 360 photos & videos is part of our exploration to bring clients a better interactive experience besides pictures. At the end of 2016, we did our first party with some 360 degree photos and videos and here is a blog post about it. If you love it, do give us a holla! If you have been following our instagram you would have noted of the recent 360 degrees photos we have captured.

Here is a Google Cardboard complimentary for our client.

This is the 360 video of the celebration. Once you've hit play, do select 1440s HD for best viewing experience. Use your mouse to pan around when it is being played. If you have a Google Cardboard, you may use it to view.

Here is a glimpse of the event highlights with our slideshow montage, non-360 degrees.

And some 360 photos.

Asher's party was enjoyable and memorable. As you entered the venue, you were welcomed by the colorful and cute little animal-shaped balloons. At the candy bar area, a vibrant and beautifully crafted birthday cake and ASHER's name in lightbulb blocks were the main highlight, besides the numerous candies, marshmallows and cupcakes that's too hard for even an adult to resist having more than a share. A child's carnival paradise! Nom nom nom...

It was a party with lotsa fun! Thanks to Audrey, Andrea, Jason and the family for trusting me with the shoot. I'll let the rest of the photos do the talking because sometimes I can speak better with pictures! :D




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Mr Teh's 90th Birthday It was Mr Teh's 90th birthday celebration with a durian-themed party.  Each tables was named with the durian types: Musang King, Hoong Har, D24, Kampung Durian & Chook Keok. At another corner, they had a realistic 3D durian cake and a longevity cake. Mr Teh was definitely in for a treat, as the surprise party for him was planned by his daughters.

As Mr Teh came into the room, he was greeted with sprinkles of confetti by his family and friends. Joy brimmed all over his face. You could really feel the warmth in the family.

Truly blessed to be able to capture a nonagenarian celebration that meant a lot to the family. It is definitely something to celebrate!


Party decor: Party Duo (  


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360 Photos Today besides being a public holiday (Prophet Muhammad's Birthday), it's a double auspicious 12.12 day. So i thought it might be great to do a blog post since my last time blogging was awhile ago. Time flies and we're headed to the end of the year. Grateful to be doing what I love, capturing memories and making them last a lifetime.

Here is a sneak peak of what I am up to. Looking forward to 2017 soon.


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Hayleigh's 100th Days Celebration Recently we had the opportunity to photograph an amazing family celebrating their newborn daughter's 100th days at their French-Japanese theme party. The party details with the pastel color coordinated tablescapes and papercranes/origami were carefully crafted by Le Petit Fairy. Decors aside, I also thoroughly enjoyed photographing the photogenic family with their chubby and cute daughters. I am sure it is one of the days the kids will remember when they grow up. Enjoy the pictures!

Party Planner: Le Petit Fairy

Location: The Forum KL



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Jo's 40th Shindig Last month, we had the privilege to cover Joanna's 40th birthday celebration. The shindig was a mix of "Joanna's favourite things" themed decors, among those are 80s Smash Hits, Barbie World, Good Reads, Munch Bunch and Family Ties. Joanna's favourite things are definitely reflected in the stunning tabletop decors which i am sure it brings a lot of amazing childhood nostalgia.

Party Planners: FlowerHub, also known as Party Duo (

Venue: Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar (


As you enter, the guests were greeted with our photo booth service and perfectly designed backdrop by FlowerHub. The photo booth backdrop mimics the TV out-of-transmission screen with a Neon light signage on top.


One of Joanna's childhood favourite things includes McDonalds and the goodie pack is designed to look like a Happy Meal.


Each row of tables were decorated with different themes. Here you have Barbie World.


Good Reads themed tablescape.

The next row of tablescapes we have 80s smash hits! Always loved some of the 80s songs which i find more meaningful and most of the time easier to sing and dance along.


Here is the tablescapes with the theme Munch Bunch. Snacks and McDonalds are surely on the lists.

Family Ties tablescape at another row of tables is also beautifully arranged with flowers with Tv & movie decor items.

That's for Jo's 40th Shindig. We hope you had a wonderful weekend! Let's celebrate life!

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Maiya's 1st Birthday In March, we had a fun time photographing a colorful confetti themed party, and was stoked to find out it was a party for our Malaysia Equestrian Qabil Ambak's 1 year old daughter, Maiya.

Filled with color-coordinated balloons, tablescapes and decors in the indoor and outdoor setting, it was truly a party to remember. Whilst photographing the tabletop desserts and loot bag before the party started, somehow I felt like a kid again - drooling at the beautiful cakes and desserts. I think you'll have sugar rush too by just looking at the pics below ;)

Qabil and his wife, Jeana are so down to earth and approachable. The candid shots and portraits of the family reflects that. I'm pretty sure somedays when Maiya grows older, she'll look back at these photos and remembers the awesome 1st birthday she had with the family and friends.

Here is the slideshow of the event highlight. Do give it some "love" by subscribing to my youtube channel and as well as my instagram and facebook. Leave some comments too, say hi and share this page if you love the pics! :D


Party planner: Mint Events & Soirées



Group photo with their family friend, celebrity Hannah Tan and her husband.    


A Lion King "Simba" pose.



That's all folks for this party! Tomorrow is Labour Day! Don't forget to take your socks off and party!

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Lara's 2nd Birthday How often would you find yourself in a party with pony, rabbits, squirrels, parrots and little porcupines? Rare but this is definitely one of those!

I'm glad that Luxeray is able to help create and preserve fun memories for Niels Rizal, Diana and family for their daughter Lara's 2nd Birthday. Just learned that Niels was among the finalist in the 1st Malaysian Idol back in 2004. Cool! Cool!

Super love the party and their family for being so sporting during the shoot! Check out the photo slideshow and the pics below. Also follow us on Instagram at and Facebook at for more updates. At the same time have a splendid weekend!


Party Planner: Mint Events & Soirées

Location: Marmalade Cafe, Publika


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Sean and Margie: 20th Anniversary Party Someone once said, "It takes a second to fall in love but a lifetime to prove its worth." Indeed, love is more than sweet words, but a commitment of a lifetime.

That's why I find it a privilege to be able to photograph Sean and Margie's anniversary just last month. This anniversary is an interesting one. Although they are celebrating their 20th anniversary. It's also a celebration of being together for 10 years prior, plus another 10 years being married. Twenty Wonderful Years! That's something to admire.

I am able to share some decor pics here for your viewing pleasure.


Flower Decors/ Photobooth: Margaret Yap

Party Planner: Party Duo

Venue: DC Restaurant, TTDI





















And a toast to them! Cheers!

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Look Up Again By now, I believe everyone, at least those who are active on social media would have seen this picture recently which caused a lot of uproar over the internet.

Nikon/@yuuuuuwei (photo excerpt from

(photo excerpt from


Not because it was a poorly composed picture, but the fact that a Nikon user named Yu Wei submitted a super-imposed photo for an amateur photo contest and ironically got a prize for that. If you follow the usual photo contest rules, the contestants are not supposed to photoshop or edit in any elements which are not in the original picture. Make sense right? If not, why would it be called a photo contest in the first place?

But then again, give this poor guy and Nikon a break. Yu Wei has apologised and so has Nikon.

I'm not a Nikon user so I'm not being bias here. Probably it is Yu Wei's first time submitting for a photo contest. Or probably he just skipped reading the terms and conditions which all of us do in online sign ups. And for the photo judging part for Nikon, I've seen other live judging of how photo contests are being run. Hundreds and thousands of submission, and the judges would have to go through each in less than a minute or so when limited by time.

Well, instead of criticizing them, why not join the airplane craze... I've noticed I'm a little addicted to airplanes as well.

Let's post some airplanes pics and join the fun.

No memes. No super-imposed pics. Just plain photos from my mobile phones. Slight edits in the phone or in Lightroom.


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam

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Groof Music Happy hols friends! I hope you had an awesome Christmas with all the good food and happy carols. Speaking of carols, I've always love music and enjoy playing the drums. I'm glad we've managed to shoot some videos and photos for Groof Music recently. Check it out here. Next year, I hope to do a bit more video contents as well so if you're an aspiring youtuber or a musician band, give me a message and let's see what we can produce.


Violin: KenLee (
Vocal: Silvia
Keyboard: Caleb
Bass: Ah Sing
Drums: Jimmy










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Melida's Graduation Melida has been a good friend since primary school. Come to think of it, we have known each other for about 14 years! Time really flies!

Nowadays although all of our primary classmates are either abroad studying/ working or busy with their jobs, Melida every now and then still tries to organize gatherings especially during CNY to visit our class teacher which is commendable. I myself have missed quite a few sessions, which might be a good thing (for me to brush up my "rusty" mandarin), before seeing my chinese class teacher again. Or i worried i might get lectured. Hahah! :P

Glad that Melida has graduated and found a job as a journalist in a Chinese TV program. Congrats to Melida on her graduation and her job!

We had her graduation portraits taken in UPM with the picturesque sunrise and a few cattle in the green pastures. For a second I thought I was in New Zealand. :) Anyways, enjoy the photos!










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#InspiredSun - Family
"Family is not an important thing. It's everything." - Michael J. Fox
Recently I was chatting with a good friend about life, discussing about family and money matters. He told me, it's good to have ambitions and dreams. But don't forget to love your family and treasure them, because now he misses his mum a lot and she's no longer here. He thought he could have spent more time with her after building his career. But sometimes reality doesn't go our way.
That conversation changed how i viewed my career and life.
So let's not forget to spend time with our family this coming holiday season. They are everything.
#InspireSun #family #ohana #ohanameansfamily
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NN70 Party Decors In October we were engaged to cover 2 lunch sessions to celebrate a Puan Sri's 70th birthday. For those who love pretty flowers and gorgeous decors, check out the pics here.


Flower Decors on the Drape: Margaret Yap

Party Planners: Party Duo

Venue: Ploy, Damansara Heights



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#InspiredSun - A R Bernard One of my favourite quotes to date since my university days.

"The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our thinking." - A R Bernard

Be blessed with a fruitful week filled with quality thinking!


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#InspiredSun - When Bad Things Happen "When something bad happens, you have 3 choices. You can either let it define you; let it destroy you; or you can let it strengthen you." - Anonymous


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#InspiredSun - Aristotle "Happiness depends upon ourselves." - Aristotle

Often in life we put our hope in others or material things to make ourselves happy. Sometimes we forget, happiness is just a state of being grateful. And when situation turns bad, we can still choose to be happy. ;)





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Family Chillout - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Christmas Promo) Luxeray would like to wish you a super early Merry Little Christmas! We just had a Christmas Family Portrait Session for Caleb, Silvia and their cutest baby Asher. I find it meaningful as I've gotten the privilege to photograph their pre-wedding and wedding day, then now a photo session with baby Asher before he turns 2! We thought it will be fun to do something a little bit further and make a video of a Family Christmas Chillout session as well. ;) Here it is, enjoy!

If you like the video, do hit the like button on Youtube and share it with your friends and family to spread the joy of Christmas early!




Here are the photos from our photo session.









From now all the way till Christmas (15 Oct to 24 Dec 2015), Luxeray will be running a Christmas portrait promo whereby we do a photoshoot with standard/extra Christmas decor at your residence to welcome the coming of Christmas! We would like to bring the joy of Christmas into your home and do a homely Christmas shoot there!

We noticed in the west, this is something common as they use the pics as Christmas greetings to their family and friends. And we thought it will be quite cool to do it here!

Most of all, we want to help you build fun memories together with your family!

For 1 hour of shoot, the maximum family members allowed is 5, while if you have more than 5 family members we recommend you take the 2 hours so we can have more pics for you!

* The decors are for the purpose and duration of photoshoot only.




Besides the photoshoot, Luxeray is partnering with Caleb and Silvia for Christmas gigs. If you have a corporate or private Christmas event coming up, we have a special rate package for that. We provide either a 2 piece (vocal and keyboardist), 3 piece (vocal, keyboardist and bassist) or 4 piece (vocal, keyboardist, bassist and violinist/ saxophonist). Of course the gigs will be without baby Asher playing the piano for now :P

Apart from teaching piano, Caleb has played in numerous corporate and wedding gigs whereby he has recently played as a keyboardist at an event in Malaysia attended by the Prince of Denmark. For Silvia, she has appeared on NTV7's "The Breakfast Show" promoting their music school that she is working in where she teaches piano and vocal.

If you're interested in the photoshoot promo or the Christmas photo and gig combo, do drop us an email at or call + 60123061045 for more details.

Cheers and we can't wait for Christmas!!!



Here is another video without baby Asher ;)

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#InspiredSun - Davy Liu “America creates cowboy; Asia creates cow. Cowboy is a creator; he has an idea. The cow fulfills the creator’s vision, and finishes his dreams.” That's the observation of Davy Liu, ex-Disney Animator for The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. He was earning fame and fortune by working for Disney, but soon he found a bigger dream... The Kendu/ "Can Do" dream.

Truly inspired by his talk in one of the event in Malaysia that I was tasked to photograph. It taught me that we Asians need to be a creator, not just a manufacturer. We have to think out of the box and be more creative.



Here is an excerpt online from another event.

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#InspiredSun - Nick Vujicic Nick Vujicic is truly an inspiration to many. The man without limbs went through probably one of the toughest life anybody could have imagined and he could still say: "If I fail, I try again, and again and again." So blessed to have the opportunity to photograph Nick Vujicic in an event in 2013.

Every Sunday from now, we will run a series called #inspiredSun meaning inspired Sunday to bring you inspiration quotes to start off the week refreshed and positive. Sometimes what we need is a little bit of positive juice and we become better at the things we're doing and happier in life.



A Nick Vujicic video excerpt to remind you and I.

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Portraits for Michael Just a week ago the first KL City Grand Prix was held right smack in the city, causing massive traffic build-up for people going into the city for work. Some KL-lites complained about it, some loved it (especially car enthusiasts).

Michael, a car enthusiast from Indonesia was here for the KL City Grand Prix as well. He contacted us for some personal portraits and we went for it. Well, although not taken in or around the grand prix, we had fun doing the shoot.

It is always interesting to meet new people and make new friends. Everyone has great stories to tell and I love hearing them. In fact, a great lesson to learn from. Through our conversations I found out Michael previously went to China for the purpose of learning Chinese, which another friend of mine from Indonesia did too. No doubt many are realising the potential growth of China in the next few decades. And here we are in Malaysia, sometimes forgetting or not placing importance in our Chinese language when we have such easy access to the language. We gotta buck up :)


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